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90 days to effortless selling – a paradigm shift that will last a lifetime
April 18 – July 17, 2016
An Online Group Coaching Program
From the comfort of wherever you are on the planet . . .

Do you struggle with sales?

Do you need to sell, but don’t enjoy it or experience fear around it?

Join us to learn how to make selling effortless and fun. Really.

Both of us, Steve and Dave, struggled with sales. We didn’t know each other at that time. We both got coaching from different people. And, the coaching shifted our underlying beliefs and thoughts.

Which transformed our experiences of selling.

Yes, effortless and fun selling is possible. We are both living proof. And we’re excited to pass this learning on to you!

Steve struggled with fears around money and selling for years after he started his own business. That made sales all about him, rather than the customer. With his focus on himself, he wasn’t serving customers well. The whole process was painful.

He finally hired a coach and received coaching around several key distinctions. Shifting his focus from self-consciousness about himself to serving prospects and clients made selling effortless and fun.

As a new insurance agent, Dave was told to follow up on Internet leads and make lots of cold calls. These activities frustrated him and clients weren’t signing up. Finally, he got so fed up that he decided he’d try sales his way before he quit.

He reached out to mentors for coaching. Armed with their insights, he shifted from selling people to getting to know them. He looked for opportunities to help – both inside and outside of what he did professionally.

Being himself. Having conversations and being of service.

He realized that enough conversations and being of service naturally led to sales. If he wanted more sales, he focused on having more conversations and serving within those conversations. Effortless.

If you’d like to read Dave’s long story, it’s inspiring and worth the 7 minute read. Click here.

We wish we had this program when selling was anything but effortless for us. We created Effortless Selling so that you don’t have to struggle like we did.

What could happen for you if you quit thinking about yourself and instead focused on being yourself?

What could happen for you if you shifted your sales paradigm to one of service?

90 Days of Immersion that Shift How You Show Up in Your Business

This is not a training course.
This is not a how-to seminar.
This is not about techniques or methods.

What Is this Program?

90 days of immersion . . .

. . . with your peers – a small group of highly motivated professionals, all committed to their own personal and professional growth.

. . . in group coaching to shift your mindset through group energy and accountability.

. . . into key insights, distinctions and thoughts so that selling becomes fun, enjoyable and effortless.

Both of us learned first-hand what it was like to watch someone else in a group coaching program (in which we were participants) experience big shifts. Witnessing them put theory into practice took away our own excuses for not taking action ourselves!

For Steve, one of his coaches is Steve Chandler, and he was doing some one-on-one coaching with him. Then he joined a group that Chandler had put together. Just being in that group and hearing the ideas from all the other group members made a huge difference.

When he heard it from Chandler as his coach, Steve would think, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re a genius and it’s easy for you.” Then he saw one of his fellow group members make that shift and come back the next week and say, “Oh my goodness, my life has changed now.”

He saw that happen right in front of him. It was really inspiring and motivating. He could then see how he could make that same shift.

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Transformation begins with the financial investment

Steve has had five or six different coaches. He’s invested quite a lot of money throughout his career in coaching, and every time he does, the transformation starts to happen right when he makes the commitment to the coaching program.

Dave’s had a similar experience. From the minute that money leaves his bank account, he’s damned if he’s going to take a course and not get something out of it. He immediately starts showing up differently, working hard to get himself ready for it.

That’s a powerful piece that we shouldn’t ignore. We don’t want people in our group who aren’t committed to their own success. This group is going to be amazing because of the level of commitment of each of you in the program.

Gamifying and tracking keep us energized

When we’re at the end of the work day – tired, dragging, worn out – and then somebody says, “Hey let’s go toss the Frisbee around,” suddenly, we’re out there playing ultimate Frisbee, running like there’s no tomorrow.

Where did all that energy come from? It came from a game. One of the things we want to do with our selling is have fun with it. The less work and more fun this is, the better we’re going to do. So we want to gamify this thing.

Part of our group coaching program involves setting goals for yourself. We’ll set both overarching personal sales goals for the quarter (not your quota), and then also process goals (how you’re going to get there). We’ll provide detail within the program on how we’re going to do that. For those who are willing to play full out, our goal setting and tracking of our activities and our results will be a big factor in your success in the program.

Still not sure if this program is right for you?

Here’s a sample of one of our webinars:

And here are some additional resources from our program:

Some of the books we will reference:

  • Straight-Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich
  • The Joy of Selling by Steve Chandler

 Meet Your Leaders

Picture of David SchwendimanDave Schwendiman 

Dave opened David Schwendiman Coaching in December 2014 to coach clients to “unreasonable goals” and teach sales in the most effective ways he knows. After one month of working with Dave, his first coaching client had her best new business sales month in her 10 years in business.

Dave learned first-hand while working as a Farmers Insurance agent how sales tends to be taught. He came to excel at Farmers because he went beyond how Farmers teaches sales to a more effective, fun and effortless way to sell.

While selling at Farmers, Dave ranked #2 in sales in the state for life insurance (out of 492 agents, only 5 months after starting in the business).

While training and coaching at Farmers, Dave trained 180 agents who increased their incomes an average of 20%. His staff trainings resulted in a 54% annual increase. As a result of his coaching and training, those 180 agents were the fastest growing and top-producing agents of all 13,000 in the company.

He has excelled in sales in two diverse industries – construction and insurance – because he focuses on the psychology and mindset of sales.

He learned the value of great coaching early in life. As a teenager, he was a competitive gymnast, working with a coach who coached Olympic athletes.

Dave holds two bachelor’s degrees – one in psychology and one in exercise science.

Dave recently moved to his ideal city, Bend, Oregon, with his wife and 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. When he’s not coaching, teaching or speaking he enjoys staying on top of his game physically and mentally through CrossFit, trail running and studying all things sales and personal development.

Steve Johnsen head shotSteve Johnsen, MBA

Steve Johnsen is an entrepreneur, business coach and consultant. He is known in the Denver business community as “The Website Income Strategist.” He has been using the Internet since the early 1980s, and was building websites before most people had heard of the World Wide Web. The websites Steve has designed currently bring in millions of dollars in revenue per year. He now uses his experience to help other companies create success.

Steve is also a business leader who has helped numerous companies identify market opportunities, develop new growth strategies and reengineer business processes to achieve solid profitability. He has held executive positions in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, education and publishing. Before starting Cloud Mountain Marketing, Steve was promoted through the ranks of a Denver publishing company to become CEO. He was responsible for the company’s turnaround, leading it into a phase of rapid revenue and profit growth.

Steve has held board memberships and leadership positions in various non-profit and community service organizations, including the Rockies Venture Club, Toastmasters, a private school, a local church and the LifeSoap Company which provides clean water to children in third-world countries. As a business coach, he mentors business owners in growth strategies and obtaining access to sources of capital. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and the author of 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Website Your Number 1 Employee.

Steve graduated with high honors from Brown University with a degree in mathematics, was the valedictorian of his MBA graduating class and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the MBA honor society. He lives with his wife and four daughters in Centennial, CO. In his spare time, Steve enjoys hiking and rock hounding with his family, singing in and conducting choirs and working with his church youth group.

Meet Your Guest Coaches

Dr. Aziz Gazipura, Confidence CoachDr. Aziz Gazipura
Confidence Coach

Aziz was a shy kid. As a teenager and young adult, he was convinced that he was unattractive. Determined to shift this he went to therapy, hired a coach and joined a men’s group. He then learned experientially, step-by-step how to shift from shy to empowered and confident. Since then he has coached hundreds of men and women to develop confidence in themselves.

He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium. His pursuit of a meaningful life is never-ending. He continues to engage in workshops, trainings, counseling, groups and coaching.

picture of Melissa Black FordMelissa Ford
Transforming money fears

Through her company, Empowered Business Solutions, Melissa has been empowering people to create positive, permanent change in their lives. For over 20 years as a business coach, she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create breakthroughs. She coaches them around accelerating their incomes, managing growth, enhancing working relationships or having more fun while doing cool work with clients they love.

As a coach, transformational speaker, entrepreneur and lawyer, Melissa brings deep insights, laser focus and a rich, diverse background to helping her clients maximize their potential.

Picture of Jason GoldbergJason Goldberg
How to lead in a sales conversation

Jason is a transformational speaker, life architect and leadership/business coach.

As a speaker, coach and the founder of, he has coached hundreds of aspiring and inspiring individuals and groups to create the mindset to learn the Art of (Self) Leadership, take creative action, become more prosperous and have a bigger impact in the world!

Jason has had the honor and opportunity to speak for, work with and help transform countless small businesses. He has also served larger organizations such as NASA, Wyndham Vacation Ownership and Northrop Grumman. He’s helped all of them overcome challenges and develop opportunities using their unique message, talents, gifts and perspectives.

Picture of Steve Chandler, success coachSteve Chandler
A coach for all coaches, and our own coach

Drawing on Steve’s more than 20 years of working with professionals to dramatically improve their success, the “MindShift” he offers frees people from unnecessary pessimism and puts them back in touch with the source of their enthusiasm for work and life.

Although he holds a degree in Creative Writing and Political Science and spent four years in the military studying language and psychological warfare, he credits his own life experience with failure as the most valuable tools for helping others. Steve’s audiences are inspired by stories of his “low points.” The stories give them hope because they realize that they are not nearly as bad off as he was. They figure if Steve can transform his life, so can they!

Steve has written 30 books, translated into over 25 languages. He has served CEOs, top professionals, major universities and over 30 Fortune 500 companies with his personal success coaching, public speaking and business consulting. He has twice won the national Audio of the Year award from King Features Syndicate. A popular guest on TV and radio talk shows, Steve was recently called “the most powerful public speaker in America today.”

Steve is a master coach. He has helped train hundreds of coaches to transform many lives and businesses. He created the Coaching Prosperity School to assist coaches in building strong businesses and creating great clients.


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$2,497 premium

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The Value of Working with Steve and Dave

“Steve is such a mixture of heart, talent and incredible intelligence. He has gotten me to clarity with rapidity and ease. One particular session when I felt down, I opened to a personal, raw space with him. He made me comfortable to share what I was thinking and feeling. And, at just the right time, using my experiences shared in previous sessions, he asked the perfect question that shifted everything for me. I would recommend his coaching to anyone committed to improving their business, themselves and their lives. Steve’s the real deal!”

– Carla O’Brien
Founder, Coach Carla, LLC

“In working with Dave, he has empowered me to define my goals, set milestones to those goals and encouraged me to think outside the box of fear that I had placed myself in. He personalizes every step and every conversation to fit me. Having him not only offer me accountability and perspective, but also share my passion for getting to my goal has been key for me. Every great adventure has a GPS to get you to your final destination. Dave coached me to create mine.”

– Carie Majors
Farmers Insurance Agent

“Dave has coached me for the past 6 months. In that time, I purchased a Farmers Insurance agency, hired and trained staff and ramped up our activity tenfold. I am now well positioned to continue to grow – thanks to Dave. And, his coaching extends beyond my career aspirations. Because he recognized that I’m making personal sacrifices to achieve success in my career, we also set weekly family, health and personal development goals. He continues to challenge me in all areas of life! His support is big factor in my success. Thanks Dave.”

– Jay DeKalb
Farmers Insurance Agent

“Steve listens deeply, reflects honestly, asks challenging questions and helps me view life from a new perspective. Steve coached me to unwrap some unconscious limiting beliefs from long ago about money. For the first time, I was able to see how I’d been limiting my business growth because of my discomfort with growing wealthy. Once I became aware of that belief, I was free to make new choices. On to prosperity!

– Joan Hoedel, MA, RN, CPC
Blue Dragonfly Coaching, Missoula, MT

“Dave Schwendiman helped me achieve the next level in my career. Because of his coaching and training, I was challenged to look at myself and my future plans in a different light. Working with him, I hit several of my personal and professional goals ahead of target. Dave has a unique ability to help you identify the next steps in your future.”

– Angie Stiller
Farmers Insurance Agent

“I love having a coach as versatile as Steve Johnsen. Whether he’s helping me with my website, a crucial conversation with a prospective client, business strategy or the funk I was in this morning, he responds with clarity, skill and compassion. I always feel better and more clear about the path forward after a conversation with Steve.”

Rolf Evenson, MA
Life & Leadership Mentor
Principal, ClearMind Leadership, Inc.

What the Program Includes

  • Webinars every other week. Guest experts on 4 of those.
  • Recordings of all webinars and Q&A calls.
  • Peer mastermind opportunity.
  • Daily emails (5 days/week) for all 13 weeks.
  • One-hour, one-on-one coaching call with Steve or Dave.

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Premium Group Membership – What the Premium Program Includes

All of the above, plus:

  • Two additional one-hour, one-on-one coaching call with Steve or Dave.
  • Bonus webinars.

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The 10 Big Ideas

  1. When you quit thinking about yourself and instead simply be yourself, sales is fun, profitable and effortless.
  2. Approaching sales as service moves you toward effortless selling.
  3. When clients and customers know you have their best interest at heart, they enthusiastically refer business to you. Effortless.
  4. Immersion in a positive environment with a group of highly motivated peers creates greater outcomes.
  5. You rise to the level of those around you. Both experientially and financially.
  6. Gamifying this group coaching experience energizes us.
  7. Tracking activity produces results.
  8. Shifting from worrying about money to earning it (lots of it).
  9. As we quiet the internal voices, the external begins to take care of itself.
  10. Learning the tools that put your new mindset into action.

“The best coaches in the world have a simple formula. They want to see numbers. They look at what activities created those numbers. They figure out what needs to be done to hit more of those numbers. They teach people to focus on what needs to be done.”

– Steve Chandler

Where will you be 90 days from now if you keep doing what you’re doing?

Where could you be 90 days from now if you join us and we do it together?

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If you have questions about the program, please contact Dave Schwendiman. If you have any challenges or issues with the website, please contact